What's Causing My Knee Pain?

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If you have on going knee-pain, you should not ignore it.

Use this infographic to pin down what’s been causing your knee pain.

Knee problems can have a serious impact on your body, affecting your balance, posture, and even causing spinal issues. 

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This infographic will help you:

– Assess what is causing your pain; 

– Analyse what could have been the reason or cause of your injury;

– Decide what to do next

 From this simple infographic, anyone should be able to determine whether their injury or pain is the result of an injury, or a longer term issue. 

No real runner should be without this clever tool in their locker!

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More About Wimbledon Clinics

At Wimbledon Clinics, we specialise in treating sports injuries. Whatever condition you have, and whatever your age, we have a full team in place to get you back to full health as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Surgery should be the last option for any injury. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we offer a range of methods to treat a condition. And if surgery does become necessary, our surgeons will make sure any operation is as non-invasive as possible.

You can count on us to get you back to full health as soon as possible.