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Looking for a sports injury clinic in London? As most athletes know, injuries can be a common hazard for people who enjoy sports and active lifestyles. 

But while you can’t avoid sports injuries 100% of the time, there’s certainly a lot you can do to prevent them and return to full fitness as quickly and successfully as possible when they do occur, so you can carry on doing the activities you love.

At Wimbledon Clinics, our sports injury clinic specialists have a wealth of experience in working with clients of all fitness levels across a range of sports and disciplines. Alongside a comprehensive range of sports injury treatments, we also run a number of targeted Running Injury ClinicCycling Clinic  and Ski Clinic as well as an in-depth Injury Prevention Screening Programme

There’s more information about our London sports injury clinic services below. Or to book a consultation or enquire further, get in touch via our online contact form to request a call back from one of our team.

Why do I keep getting sports injuries?

If you are experiencing symptoms of a possible sports injury or have a stubborn injury that keeps flaring up, our sports injury specialists can carry out a thorough assessment to get to the root of the problem. If necessary, we can also arrange for any diagnostic scans that may be required. 

Can you prevent sports injuries?

All athletes face an injury at some point or another. However, you certainly can prevent sports injuries and minimise the risk. 

Sports injuries can occur for many reasons – such as falls, collisions, muscles sprains and ligament tears – but often there are additional contributing factors too, such as an underlying muscular weakness or imbalance, or problems with technique, flexibility and posture, or even whether or not you are doing the right sort of cross-training and stretching. 

Detecting these issues early means, with the right advice and management, you can take steps to prevent injuries occurring or stop them causing problems further down the line.  

At Wimbledon Clinics, our physiotherapists and sports rehab specialists can provide personalised programmes and advice specific to your individual challenges, lifestyle and goals. 

Our comprehensive Injury Prevention Screening Programme is designed specifically to address all of these points – helping you identify any weak spots and improve your strength and flexibility to help keep injuries at bay.

How do you treat sports injuries?

Treating sports injuries involves a number of steps and depends on the type of injury. For acute or severe injuries, more thorough diagnostics, such as scans and X-rays, may be required. If a serious injury is detected, such as a torn ligament or fracture, these will need to be treated as necessary. At Wimbledon Clinic, alongside conservative treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of Orthopaedic Surgery and ligament surgery.

A lot of the time however, treating sports injuries involves a combination of advice on supporting the healing process – which may include rest, pain management and joint supports – as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes to restore strength and flexibility. Sometimes, additional therapies such as massage can also be beneficial and support you on the road to full recovery.

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