Specialised Video

Wimbledon Clinics specialises in video consultation and have developed our E-Consult video consultations over the last 10 years.

After analysing data from over 600 remote consultations during the Covid crisis we can now offer video E-Consultaion in place of all consultations should you wish . However there are some condition that are especially well suited to the convience of video consultation.

Patella femoral/fat pad/ ITB 2nd Opinion. Claire Robertson is:the 3: UK’s leading authority on the management of failed treatments for the kneecap and its surrounding structures. She has for 10 years  carried out video E-Consultation and successfully treated patients with resistant kneecaps related problems from all over the world.

Scoliosis- Initial contact appointments. Our world leading scoliosis experts have pioneered in the UK the use of minimally invasive surgery using the VBT technique. We find that Patients on learning that they have scoliosis want to talk to someone they can trust as soon as possible. We can assess scoliosis, look at xrays and answer you questions and give first time or second opinions almost immediately by utilising our E-Consultation method so you don’t need to travel. We can also monitor scoliosis curves remotely until the treatment has finished minimising time off work and school.

Osteoarthritis, as a diagnosis, usually leads to huge numbers of questions and a desire to learn what can be done to keep people active. Many aren’t sure if they should be thinking about surgery or they flatly don’t want surgery. We can spend an hour exploring your KNEE concerns and questions . We can talk about experimental treatments, simple things that you can do for your self and how to safely remain active.