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Many patient are aware that they have , or they think they have osteoarthritis. Even if that is correct many aren’t sure if their arthritis is particularly bad, should they put up with it? Is it safe to exercise? Am i making it worse?

Should I take tablets? Do injections work?
Do stem cell, hyaluronic acid, PRP treatments work?
What is I don’t want surgery.

We provide a simple and logical step by step approach to the diagnosis, understanding the severity and then discussing the treatments options that will work for you( not someone else).

Many patients discovered that everyone who tries to help forgets to ask them what is it that they want. To be able to do, what are they missing out on. The focus is always on the pain, the X-ray or the swelling, which is important but it is the loss of function and the things you are unable to do that we find are important to people. They want us to help them get back to be able to exercise, travel and enjoy life.

During a 1 hour Video E-Consult we can assess the severity of the pain, look at X-ray’s ( done at your local hospital if you like) We can then tell you how far you are off needing to consider surgery. We can then discuss with the you the best options to make your knee more manageable. We also have a Consultant physiotherapist with how you can book a whole hour discussing with you how to look after your knee, how to manage and avoid flare ups. You can talk about the the exercises that are safe and likely to help you manage.

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