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UK Researchers Link Vitamin D Deficiency To Chronic Widespread Pain In Men

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Numerous studies have established a link between vitamin D deficiency and various health problems. Researchers from the University of Manchester have now added another issue to the list: chronic widespread pain. According to the team led by Paul McCabe, vitamin D deficiency seriously increases the chances of men developing chronic widespread pain.

The UK researchers, who have published their findings in the Rheumatology journal, based their conclusions on a study involving more than 2,300 men, Medical News Today reported. Ranging in age from 40 to 79, they were among the 3,369 recruits for the European Male Ageing Study (EMAS).

McCabe and his colleagues established that subjects who had entered the study with vitamin D deficiency were more than twice as likely to develop chronic widespread pain in comparison with those with the highest levels of vitamin D. The former were also more likely to experience this problem when compared to men with adequate vitamin D levels. The researchers discovered that one in 15 subjects without symptoms at baseline went on to develop chronic widespread pain. It seems that lifestyle factors and health problems have a part to play because these men tended to be obese, physically inactive or depressed.

McCabe pointed out that all the study had done was reveal a link between vitamin D and the onset of chronic widespread pain. It will take further research to establish whether the condition could be stopped from developing through treatment of low vitamin D levels, he noted.

Chronic widespread pain affects about 20% of Britons, the reason often being a rheumatic or neurological disorder. It is also estimated that approximately half of adult Britons suffer from vitamin D deficiency.