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Protect Yourself: Wear A Helmet On The Slopes

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Do you wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding? They are becoming more popular – even though there is no clear evidence to show that this trend has led to a decrease in the number of head injuries.

But experts believe that helmets can help prevent or reduce serious head injury in many cases.

A new initiative in the United States aims to encourage more people to wear a ski helmet and reduce the incidence of traumatic brain injury from winter sports.

UW Health in Wisconsin is joining forces with the state´s 14 ski hills and resorts, ski clubs and teams and schools to educate people about helmet use.

UW Health paediatric trauma surgeon Dr. Ankush Gosain pointed out that as many as 600,000 ski and snowboard injuries are reported in the US every year. Of these, 20% involve traumatic brain injuries and the incidence is higher in males, children and teenagers under 17. These injuries might be prevented with increased use of helmets, Gosain said.

Gosain is part of a multi-disciplinary group that is studying ways to prevent traumatic brain injuries.

Harry Mount, writing in The Spectator last year, said that the use of ski helmets had soared in the Swiss Alps since Michael Schumacher´s accident in December 2013. The racing driver sustained a serious head injury while skiing, despite wearing a helmet at the time of the accident – but doctors say that it´s likely he would have died without the helmet.

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