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Preventative measures in sport injuries

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No one wants to take time out from the sport they love because of a painful injury that could have been prevented. Sports injury prevention is key to longevity, enjoyment and performance for professional and recreational athletes alike.There are many simple steps you can take to avoid sports injuries, even though the principles are the same whether you’re a keen cyclist, runner, skier, golfer or team sports player.

Here are our top 10 sports injury prevention tips:

1. Prepare your body for exercise

Warm up your muscles and increase blood flow with light aerobic movements. You should also stretch to improve flexibility and help the joints move fully.

2. Get the right training for your sport

Poor technique can lead to stress on certain parts of the body, like your knees or your back, causing problems that could have been avoided.

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3. Wear protective equipment

Choose equipment that is appropriate for your sport, such as helmets, protective pads and supports, and correct footwear.

4. Don’t add insult to injury!

If you’re injured, don’t believe the old adage that ‘playing through the pain’ is the answer. It’s more likely it will worsen the damage or even cause a new injury, keeping you out of action for longer.

5. Make adjustments for environmental factors such as cold and hot weather…

6. … and think about the right clothing and hydration

Be aware of your body’s reactions to extreme temperatures. 

7. Take enough rest between competitive events

Give your mind and body a break and prevent fatigue from building up. Ensure you have rest days during training.

8. Give yourself the right fuel

Stay well hydrated with water and find the right balance of nutrients – such as proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. This is crucial for health, energy and recovery.

9. Stay psychologically strong

Be mindful that loss of concentration can increase the risk of injury, particularly in sports like distance cycling or running – which need sustained focus – or skiing, which needs intense concentration.

10. Cool down

Once you’re done, make sure to cool down to allow a gradual decrease in heart rate and body temperature.

You’re not alone…

There are multiple ways to help yourself stay active and injury-free.

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