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Which Sports Carry The Greatest Risk Of Foot And Ankle Injuries?

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Some of the world´s most beloved sports also pose the greatest risk of foot and ankle injuries. For this reason, a proper warm-up and appropriate protective gear are particularly important in these sports so that their practice delivers all the associated benefits. An article on the Foot Vitals website takes a look at the sports where foot and ankle injuries are most common, listing the type of injuries seen most often alongside tips for protection against such injuries.

In most of the world, football is the king of sports. However, football players are especially vulnerable to foot and ankle injuries. Since pivoting and turning are constantly required during the game, ankle sprains are a common injury afflicting football players. They also frequently fall victim to metatarsal fractures and are at high risk of Achilles tendonitis. To help protect against injury, players should resist the urge to over-train and always wear proper football boots.

Football may be the most popular sport but running is probably one that more people participate in. Professional runners are at risk of chronic foot and ankle problems as a result of their intense training regimens. However, the danger is no less serious for recreational runners and any athlete dedicated to running may suffer damage such as shin splints, ankle sprains, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Proper shoes are essential for runners, as well as a gradual warm-up before training or competitions.

The same type of injuries are common in two other very popular sports: basketball and tennis. Prevention of foot and ankle injuries in those sports also requires proper shoes and participants should consider making time for careful ankle taping as this will significantly increase their chances of avoiding an injury.