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How orthotics can relieve all kinds of lower limb pain

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Ms Serena Stubbs: Consultant Orthotist Specialist in Bracing and Biomechanics

How orthotics can relieve all kinds of lower limb pain

We all know we should exercise more and be as active as possible – but for some, this is easier said than done. What if it’s not physically possible to exercise to your full potential due to lower limb or foot pain, balance issues or an old injury?

Enter Ms Serena Stubbs, Consultant Orthotist Specialist in Bracing and Biomechanics here at Wimbledon Clinics. She offers some hope to those people whose confidence in maintaining an active life has been interrupted by lower limb pain or issues.  

Orthotic technology

Serena, with over 20 years’ experience in the field, treats all sorts of patients, but typically those who are experiencing a recurrent injury, have trouble walking, imbalance issues or are struggling to get their strength up due to joint pain. She may see those who take part in a huge amount of sport or people with high load or repetitive forces that their joints are being exposed to.

Although orthotics are often associated with foot pain, they are functional, corrective devices that can also help to optimise patients with poor biomechanics who might be experiencing undiagnosed heel, shin, knee, hip or lower back pain, as well as arthritis-related pain.

Serena takes a from-the-ground-up approach as she goes about delivering her clinical biomechanical expertise, which is supported by the latest advances in product design and technology, such as specialist impact-reducing materials or the latest proprioceptive insoles designed to enhance sensory feedback and help people with balance issues, or those struggling to build their strength up.

Seeing is believing

For patients who feel like they’ve tried everything to relieve their unresolved issues, the visual element of the biomechanical assessment feels proactive and reassuring. During the assessment, Serena thoroughly examines how the patient walks and runs, analysing how the body moves through 2D video capture technology, combined with functional clinical assessment, which looks at movement and balance. The collection of biomechanical data gives Serena a much better understanding of the body, highlighting aspects like core imbalance issues.

As different issues in the body can have knock-on effects due to overcompensation, Serena’s biomechanical assessment examines the whole body in terms of movement and alignment during walking or running. Foot function is specifically assessed in relation to how the rest of the body moves.

Custom-made treatment plan

The patient is given visual feedback on the day, and Serena will look at the issues the assessment has uncovered and the compensations it may have highlighted. She’ll then decide what the next best steps are for the patient – whether it’s footwear advice, orthotics and/or or referring them to a physiotherapist for further specific strength and conditioning. If it’s a structural problem that needs compensating for – for example, hypermobility or restricted movement in the ankle – Serena will prescribe foot orthotics and provide the patient with footwear recommendations or modifications. An orthosis (commonly known as a ‘brace’) could be provided for any upper or lower limb joint; Serena is highly experienced in the provision of Unloader knee braces for osteoarthritis and ligament-specific knee braces (i.e. ACL or PCL injuries).

What results can you expect to see?

Ultimately, our feet lay the foundations for the rest of our bodies, so not only can Serena’s custom orthotics relieve foot pain, but also other issues in the body that originate in the feet such as imbalance. Serena’s patients have reported a reduction in pain and improved stability due to orthotic correction leading to improved function and mobility. Serena is passionate about keeping people active, as we all know that being able to exercise is paramount to a healthy lifestyle.

Are you looking to restore your biomechanic balance and realign your posture? Book an appointment with Serena today.

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