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Kate Robertson, a consultant physiotherapist at Wimbledon Clinics, shares her feedback on last year’s annual Return from Injury Ski Day that took place at the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre on 25th November.


“The group of people that attended the ski day had injured one or both of their knees, and the majority of them had ruptured their Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL), which had resulted in them undergoing surgery.


In addition, all attendees had completed rehabilitation programmes with their physiotherapists and made good progress. With the exception of one, skiing was the cause of their injury, but they all wanted to improve their skiing confidence.


“Before the ski day I carried out an assessment on each attendee. This confirmed if the individual was physically able to attend the day at Hemel Hempstead, and if the physiotherapy rehabilitation programme was successful.


“The attendees were screened for injuries or weaknesses in their strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception (the ability to sense the orientation of your body) and propulsion.


“A key trend I noticed was that each individual felt they were physically able to ski, but their confidence had been damaged because of their injury.


“The day consisted of morning and afternoon ski tuition from Charlie Tate, who works for the Warren Smith Ski Academy. Charlie taught them to focus on their technique, core stability and body alignment, and showed them how to position their knees to prevent further weight on the knee joint.


“Jonathan Bell, an orthopaedic knee consultant at Wimbledon Clinics also attended the day. Jonathan had been the surgeon for many of the attendees and is also a keen skier.. He offered advice to individuals, answered their questions about the surgery, and discussed expectations and management strategies.


“My role as a physiotherapy specialist was to provide advice and guidance for rehabilitation issues and help individuals reach their goals.


“Overall it was a very successful day that everyone enjoyed, and we’re looking forward to the next one!”