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Canada´s Olympic luge athletes have teamed up with Helmets for Heroes for the ‘Put a Lid on It´ campaign, encouraging people to wear a helmet when participating in sports.

In December the seven members of the Canadian luge team worked with seven children suffering brain injuries and local artists to design and paint the helmets they will wear throughout the 2015-16 World Cup season as part of the brain injury prevention campaign.

“As luge athletes, we understand the inherent risks associated with our sport, and the need to wear a helmet, train properly, and make smart choices in order to minimize those risks,” said Alex Gough, three-time Olympic luge athlete. “We believe as Olympians we have a voice to educate Canadians on this important issue, and ultimately help put a lid on brain injuries in everyday life by encouraging people to wear a helmet and make smart choices.”

“Helmets are not the complete answer,” added Olympian John Fennell, “but they are certainly the first positive action we can take to help reduce the risks of serious injuries in recreational activities.”

Dr. Brian Benson, CMO and director of Sport Medicine for the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, welcomed the luge team´s involvement in the new campaign.

“Use of a properly fitted and certified helmet for sport and recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding and cycling can significantly reduce one´s risk of brain injury and the potential life-altering effects associated with this injury,” he said.

After the current World Cup season is over, Luge Canada will host a corporate “learn to luge” event where the team will auction off the specially designed helmets, with all proceeds going to the Helmets for Heroes Foundation and to programmes that help children suffering from brain injuries.