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As a physio yourself, why would you turn to a consultant physio to help with a patient? You might refer a patient to an orthopaedic consultant or sports medicine doctor, but it’s not been the traditional course of action to turn to another physio. However, when you consider the way in which the role of physiotherapist has changed over the years, providing those with niche specialist interests the opportunity to become a lot more academic, it stands to reason that a general physio could actually have a lot to gain from picking the brains of a sub-specialist physio.

Ms Claire Robertson, a consultant physio at Wimbledon Clinics, is one such specialist. As you might be able to tell from the name of her website – clairepatella.com – she is a patellofemoral expert and runs a specialist clinic for patients afflicted by problems of this nature. With more than a decade of working solely in the patellofemoral field, Claire has lectured internationally and published a range of academic works – if there’s anything Claire doesn’t know about patellofemoral issues, it’s probably not worth knowing. This is why she is the perfect candidate to offer support should a general physio encounter a patient with particularly tricky knee-related issues.

The tricky patients are the ones which keep the dedicated physio up at night, or at least cause a great deal of head-scratching. It could be that a specialist physio helps when there are multiple issues at play, or in a situation where the diagnosis might not be clear. Consultant physios can also lend their support to those dealing with patients with whom treatment does not seem to be having the expected effect, yet who are not considered to be a candidate for surgery.

However, a common misconception seems to be that a general physio would be expected to fully turn their patient over to a consultant physio like Claire, should they seek support. This isn’t the case at Wimbledon Clinics. Instead, our consultants liaise with the treating physios when assessing patients, providing them with a detailed report and treatment recommendations to help with their work. They also provide ongoing support if necessary, via phone or email, in order to offer their specialist expertise every step of the way. It’s this united effort that produces the best results for patients.

Claire is one of a team of consultant physios at Wimbledon Clinics who aim to create a culture where they can support general physios with niche knowledge and experience. From Nick Wirth’s specialism in injury prevention screening and Kate Robertson’s spinal expertise, to Liam Goode’s musculoskeletal treatment interest and Nicole Oh’s in-depth knowledge of cycling injuries, the team draw from their comprehensive knowledge of specialist literature, as well as their own research and years of experience in their respective niches.

Consultant physios at Wimbledon Clinics have a passion for their own particular specialism. Nicole Oh, for example, has extensive experience in the cycling world, competing herself with her own cycling team. It’s the fact these consultants eat, sleep and breathe their specialism that means they can bring a unique perspective to the table, and make the life of a fellow physio that much easier.

If you’re interested in working with one of Wimbledon Clinics’ consultant physios, please get in touch today.