Dr David Hulse

Dr David Hulse works for Wimbledon Clinics as a Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, with specialist interests in exercise-related leg pain and cycling injuries.

David’s main focus is to understand what the problem is, what it is that you want to achieve and how you can achieve this. This will involve getting a clear diagnosis (this might involve scanning you) and he will help you decide what is the best type of scan so you don’t pay for unnecessary investigations. David will then discuss with you your diagnosis and the severity of the problem so that he can explore and discuss what treatments options are available to you.

David is an expert in non-operative care and that will be his initial focus however if you do want to consider a surgical option or that looks like it may be the best option for you he can help you decide who is the best specialist for your problem. At Wimbledon Clinics we pride ourselves on having very low rates of patients requiring surgery as we have access to some of the best facilities providing non-operative care in the UK.

David's practice involves the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of a broad range of lower limb trauma and overuse injuries, including hip and groin conditions and tendinopathies.

Qualifying from the University of Glasgow Medical School in 1996, David Hulse initially undertook specialty training in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. It was during this time that he developed an interest in sports injury, rehabilitation and athletic training, leaving surgical practice briefly in 2005 to complete a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Nottingham University.

David Hulse became one of the first doctors in the UK to pursue speciality training in sport and exercise medicine in London, spending time at the Olympic Medical Institute as well as the English Institute of Sport.

He also maintains a broad interest in improving health and wellbeing and is Chief Medical Officer in London for Hintsa Performance; a world leader in this growing field, offering personal and digital performance coaching platforms for individual, sporting and company clients.

Dr David Hulse

Catching up with David Hulse, Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Wimbledon Clinics

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